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J-Tech M7 Tactical Vest

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    Posted 31 May 2006 - 12:40 AM


    Title :: J-Tech M7 Tactical Vest
    Author :: Phil
    Category :: Kit
    Information :: [list]
    [*]Bought from: [url="http://www.onpatrol.co.uk/"]On Patrol[/url]
    [/list]Description ::
    Review by Lewis Brown

    I’m not really a gear sort of person, I usually tend to spend my money on guns and accessories, but I decided I wanted something other than just the viper LA vest I was using but yet still based around the same sort of thing. Mid summer when airsoft international came out I saw an advertisement from a company called on patrol with a picture and short description of the tac m7 vest, so I logged on and liked the look of it, after a month I phoned them and spoke to them and they were every helpful and described everything as best they could, and a day later I ordered it. They got it sent away the same day using special delivery…which of course royal fail messed up and it came a day late.

    Onto the vest….
    Posted Image

    The vest is made my j-tech (also know as just) its of the waist coat design and is in a very good shade of olive drab. I got this because it’s modular. The two main parts around your waist/ stomach are interchangeable. The panels come in either triple aramalite mag pouches (each holding two mags) the mp5 platform with 4 single mag pouches, the pistol platform which is actually a removable molle holster mounted onto a small 45 degree molle, and a molle panel which is purely just strips of fabric for any molle pouch. I got mine with 2 armalite mag platforms and a pistol platform.

    The main panels are held on by 2 snap poppers on the inside and 4 snap poppers which are on a small amount of webbing that fold over and attach to the outside of the panel, the whole face on the vest where the panel go’s is also held on by Velcro.

    Posted Image

    The rear of the vest

    The vest is fully adjustable for height via Velcro should straps and for chest/waist size by 3 straps with friction clamps on each side, the spare material can be tucked into loops so there are no loose ends of straps failing about. It is made from very high quality mesh and all solid parts of webbings are 1000 denier (the denseness of the material)
    It is very sturdy feeling and gives you the impression that it will take punishment with ease. On the back is 3 rows of 9 columns of loops to take Alice gear but they are wide enough to fit malice gear as well. Between the height adjustment panels there is a drag handle, at the top of the vest is are two metal D rings. Inside the back panel of the vest is another layer of mesh to hold a hydration pack, there are also two adjustable Velcro loops for guiding the hydration hose left or right. There are two belt keepers at the bottom, which are adjustable for belt sizes via Velcro and a snap button.

    Posted Image

    The front left side

    At the top there is two elasticed loops for the hydration hose, and then on top of that there is a large Velcro adjustable loop. There is a radio pouch which is closed by a snap button and it has a drain hole at the bottom. Below that is a triple pistol mag pouch, which is closed by a Velcro flap, so far I know they will fit tm 92f mags, sig 226, glock 17 mags, usp compact mags and the pistol mag speed loaders, hi capa mags will fit in but the pouch wont close, but if you fold the flap into the pouch then put the mag in, it seams like it would stay there. These again have drain holes. There is another elasticised loop on the v shape part of the neck for the hydration hose.

    Posted Image

    I am using the pistol platform on my left side at the moment, the pistol platform is a panel with a small amount of molle on it at roughly 45 degrees, it has 3 rows with the top two having 4 columns and the bottom row having 3. The holster uses two columns and two rows of molle, it has an adjustable tactical thumb break and an extra retention strap with a fastex buckle for extra security. It also has a mag pouch on top of it that closes with Velcro and a fastex buckle, there is a flap of Velcro inside the pouch which you can fold out to cover the Velcro on the pouch and therefore only using the fastex buckle to keep it shut. The holster will fit all the guns I mentioned earlier (the 92f is a bit tight but I think it just needs breaking in) and the mag pouch will take all the mags I mentioned earlier as well as being able to close with a hi capa mag. I put the holster as far forward as I could, it left me with 2 columns of molle free where I put a viper mag pouch (which surprisingly is molle and will hold 3 armalite mags or 2 g36 mags or a good amount of pyros, and only costs about £8)
    On the inside there is a large map pocket going right to the back of the panel and is the same height as the platform with a zip going parallel to the main zip.

    At the bottom there are two more belt keepers.

    Posted Image

    The front right side

    At the top there is another double elastic loop with a large Velcro loop over them, then there is the shoulder pad, it has about 1cm of padding has a rib at the edge so the butt of your gun cant go astray, it has also got a good grip surface and is nice and matt unlike other shooting pads ive seen on webtex and blackhawk vests. Next is a small utility pouch which has Velcro in the inside with a shotgun shell holder which will hold 5 shells, this can be removed and put on the outside of the flap which is also velcrod for either the shell holder or a name tape. This also has a drain hole.

    Posted Image

    On the left panel I have put a triple m16 platform. Each pouch will hold two armalite mags or one g36 mag on the inside of each of the pouches is elastic to hole a single mag down and then on the outside of the pouches is more elastic to hold down a second mag in the pouch, the pouches are held closed by Velcro but have a loop of webbing at the bottom of the flap so you can put a bit of paracord to easily open the pouch. The Velcro on the pouch comes up so you could maybe fit an ak47 mag into it, you can fold the extra Velcro down in and fold the flap down into the pouch two so you can get your mags out easily and as there is elastic holding them in, they wont fall out easily. These also have drain holes and again behind the panel is another large map pocket. There are two more belt keepers at the bottom as well.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I haven’t worn it for a days skirmish yet but from wearing for 15 minutes round the house with a full load in it, it is very comfortable and spreads the load well, the grip pad also makes using the rifles more comfortable.

    In my opinion this is the best assault vest ive seen, it has very high quality, all the buckles seam very very tough, the friction clamps work very well, the zips seam sturdy and the type that won’t undo them selves. J-tech has though of everything to make it a very good vest, especially with all the hydration hose guides. The only things I found bad about this was the triple pistol mag pouch not taking the hi capa mags and the vest not coming with a belt but apart from that it is an amazing vest.

    I must mention how great on patrol where to deal with, they where probably the best retailers ive delt with, extremely friendly and helpful

    Posted Image

    My set-up with wolf hook, hydration pouch, knife, belt and spare mag pouch added

    [i]Updated Wed, May 31 2006 2:56 pm[/i]

    [url="http://www.airsoftireland.com/forums/index.php?act=reviews&CODE=03&id=6"]View Review[/url]

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